We’re two sisters who love travel, food, and fun.

We are based out of Los Angeles and looking forward to sharing with you a plethora of tips, tricks, reviews, and bucket lists full of things to do in Southern California, throughout the USA, or at countless wonderful international destinations around the world.


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Wendy is an adventurous foodie who is always eager to seek out yummy new food places - from Instagram worthy restaurants to cheap eats. She’s also a directional wiz who can navigate her way around any destination without breaking a sweat. 


Roles Include: Author, Editor, Site Administrator, Logo Designer, Icon Designer


Wendy’s Fave Pies: Cherry Pie, Rhubarb Pie, Pumpkin Cream Pie, and Custard Pie

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Sarah is budget conscious and is the first to jump at affordable or even free things to do in any given location. As a former girl scout, she’s always prepared with guides, checklists, and vacation ideas. 


Roles Include: Author, Editor, Photographer*, Graphic Designer, Social Media Coordinator


Sarah’s Fave Pies: Banana Cream Pie and Pumpkin Cream Pie


About The Blog

TravelingPies.com is a blog on travel tips, reviews & bucket lists with foodie inspiration, places to go & things to do - everything from cheap, yummy eats to packing hacks and checklists, to budget destinations. Traveling Pies is here to help you travel more and stress less.

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