Eataly Review: Italian Food in LA


The Atmosphere:

This bright, modern market is outfitted with stylish decor that suits both casual eating and shopping as well as fine dining. This combination of grocery store, deli, and clusters of Italian style restaurants provides enough food options to satisfy any palate. Get there early if you go on a weekend as it is more crowded on weekends. 

Navigating through the many different sections to get to certain restaurants or sections can be daunting, though, so know before you go that the entrance to their third-level restaurant with a view is all the way at the back of the second level and is a little tricky to find. The layout makes it particularly difficult to bypass all the delectable goodies without getting distracted from your destination. However, regardless of where you end up inside Eataly - you are sure to have a culinary adventure. 


The Food:

A bit like a specialty foods store, they offer a great market selection of Italian ingredients, foods, and treats, but this place goes beyond that to offer eateries and sit-down dining throughout the multi-level complex. 

There are cafes and restaurants as well as deli-style counters with gorgeous and delicious food on display, ranging from salad stations to panini sandwich sections and more. 

On the ground level, there is also a lovely Italian coffee shop and gelateria. This level also features a classroom section where you can watch specialty desserts be made or learn from demonstrations on how to make Italian food. 

In the shopping market level, there’s a plethora of both fresh and storage-friendly options to choose from. All the meats, cheeses, pasta, and produce needed to cook your own Italian dish are available at your fingertips in this section of Eataly. Keep in mind, though, that while these items may be tasty, decadent, and even sumptuous, imported food can often come with a hefty price tag, so be conscious of your budget when purchasing. If you are looking for the perfect wine to pair with your meal, Eataly has a wide variety of options to choose from. For those who can’t or don’t partake in drinking alcohol, pressed juices and Italian sodas offer a tasty alternative. The cook in your family will certainly have no trouble finding everything necessary to make that perfect meal. There is even kitchenware to help you cook that classic italian meal from scratch if that happens to be your heart’s desire. 

If you find yourself craving something sweet while shopping, there are display cases full of decadent treats from bite size morsels to lavish cakes. The desserts offered throughout Eataly across various sections, especially, can get expensive, but they pack outstanding flavor in each bite, so even the small indulgences can be worth it.



The cost of food here can get quite pricey (some might even say overpriced), but there is a range of food items at different prices, so I’ll let you be the judge on whether it’s worth it to you. And with such a wide variety of options to choose from, you can definitely find something tasty to fit your budget. Tempting treats that can burn a hole in your pocket aside, if cooking Italian food is a particular hobby of yours, Eataly is well worth a visit. The market section is unparalleled in its ability to provide that rare ingredient that makes your dish truly authentic.


Personal recommendations and family favorites: 

  • Eating their Capricciosa pizza for its delicious artichokes,
  • Grabbing their outstanding salads and wraps to go,
  • Indulging in their large portions of focaccia,
  • Delighting over their refreshing chocolate orange gelato,
  • And saving some Strawberry Chantilly Cream Puffs for later.


Consider buying their larger desserts for family gatherings, parties, and events. Their large tarts or party-size specially made Tiramisu are sure to be a hit. Or you can call and order in advance as many cannolis as you want. They also offer holiday-themed treats for your seasonal needs, with quirky animals made out of Italian chocolate for timely treasures to enjoy during Thanksgiving, Easter, and the like. 

Also, Eataly has same-day grocery delivery through Instacart. So, you may be able to get a selection of their items delivered to you if you live in the area of one of their locations.


The Parking: 

Since this Eataly location is part of the Century City Westfield shopping center, parking there requires a ticket which may (in some cases) be validated. But you must briefly check your ticket into the pay station before you leave - whether your stay was long enough to incur charges or not.

This particular location also scans vehicle license plates, so when you check your ticket into the pay station before leaving - your paid ticket balance will correspond with your license plate. So don’t be surprised when you are automatically let through at the exit.


That said, Eataly has multiple locations and information for each will vary. For those outside of Los Angeles: look for Eataly in New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, and Toronto. A location in Dallas is soon to come in this year as well. There are also a few international Eataly locations, so check out the website for further information about where you can find all your Italian favorites. https://www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/ 

And maybe next time you are near an Eataly location, you will take some time to stop by and try the food. Enjoy exploring! 

We hope you found this review and information helpful. If you have any favorite Italian food spots in your area that you are willing to share, leave us a comment below. Or if you found the stock of Italian ingredients useful for those special Italian food recipes, let us know.