Foodie Gift Guide

Digital Gift Cards

These make fantastic and practical gifts - especially in these times. You can get ones from the eateries they like and frequent (especially ones that are currently offering delivery to their area) and/or to third party food delivery services like Doordash, UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, etc that make food deliveries in their area. Check the websites of these eateries or third party services for the details on their gift card options.


Food Themed Gift Baskets and Gift Sets

Another great gift idea for food lovers is either a gift basket with a variety of yummy foods which is sure to include something they like or a gift set of foods that you definitely know they like. This gives your foodies a chance to enjoy some of that instant gratification by tasting it right away. Or they can decide to savor it later if your gift exchange happens after a filling holiday meal, in which case - it’s important to choose food that is non-perishable or at least doesn’t require refrigeration, so that it survives any transport time and prevents staleness.


Some specific examples include:


  • Some of Sur La Table’s scrumptious choice confections, like Charbonnel et Walker items such as their Dark Chocolate and Truffle Assortment, their Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, or their Milk Chocolate Orange Thins, and Saxon’s Peppermint Pretzel Frost Bites, or even Sugarfina’s delightful Peach Bellini treats.






And given that our sense of smell plays such a significant role in our sense of taste, here’s two items that would make a great set for someone who loves seasonal flavors:



But feel free to build on these suggestions. Add on-theme items and develop your own version of a gift basket to present - something you’ve tailored especially to their preferences.


Glassware / Dishware / Cookware

Help them enjoy their food with useful glassware, dishware, or even cookware if they gravitate towards home cooking delicious meals and treats. Choose something with thoughtful style in order to take their personal styling tastes into account. They may get a huge kick out of a themed item or they may appreciate something more classic and elegant. 


Some specific examples include:






Offering to Cover A Meal

If you’re feeling particularly generous (and taking the potential high cost in mind), you can offer to pay the bill and cover a meal out together or you can offer to pay for the catering of one of their special occasions. You can treat them to a feast of their choice catering for their birthday or a chosen holiday, or help them celebrate an anniversary worry-free. Do keep in mind that the cost of catering can vary greatly depending on the caterer or the food place’s catering prices as well as the number of people being served.


Splurge on a Food Subscription

And I’m not just talking about a Cheese of the Month subscription, though they might like that. There are plenty of wonderful possibilities out there popping up all the time now. You can give them anything from a country-themed international snack box to beverages from around the world to meal kit boxes and subscriptions.


Some specific examples include:



  • A Hello Fresh Gift Card towards a meal kit food delivery subscription. 


  • A Daily Harvest subscription, which offers pre-portioned out servings of ingredients for smoothies, ice cream, and much more.


  • You can also get them a box of Love With Food snacks from all-natural ingredients (with gluten-free options available) when you hit the Buy As A Gift button for a one time charge. And you get to help fight childhood hunger as a meal is donated for each box purchased.


  • And, last but definitely not least, for all those foodies with a sweet tooth, check out Food Stirs. Their handy Gift Guide offers options from gift cards to gift subscriptions and even some spectacular seasonal kits and gifts to choose from.


If you have any helpful gift giving tips or any great gift ideas, share them with us in a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!