Travel Vlogs You Must Watch

These travel video logs come in several varieties. The most common vloggers are the frequent traveler or the expat who is showing you around their new found home city and/or country. 


A Variety of Destinations


The frequent travel vlogs are expansive resources of a life lived out of a suitcase and constant discovery. If you need packing tips or want a review of unique types of accommodations, these vloggers are experts. But most importantly, these vlogs are full of inspiration. 


Suitcase Monkey - https://www.youtube.com/c/SuitcaseMonkey/ 



With multiple gorgeous locations to watch and crisp eloquent narration to go along, Suitcase Monkey offers a taste of adventure among a backdrop of beautiful scenery. In fact, unlike some other vlogs, this one strives to put their destinations front and center rather than themselves, and it has resulted in a guided tour of nothing but the most splendid views. 


Backpacking Bananas - https://www.youtube.com/user/RizzoBrush



If you’ve ever dreamed of travel but are unsure how to do it alone, Backpacking Bananas is a solo travel expert. Her vlogs give experienced advice on packing and products and will provide all the courage you need to set out on your own solo voyage abroad. 


Kara and Nate - https://www.youtube.com/karaandnate 



Kara and Nate have a goal of visiting a hundred countries. Watch as they travel non-stop through exciting discoveries and unique accommodations. These certainly aren’t your typical vlog adventures, documenting everything from sleeping on the side of a mountain, to renting a private island, to landing at the world's most dangerous airport.


Travel Vlog IV - https://www.youtube.com/c/TravelVlogIv 



Are you a foodie? Do you want to know what the best dishes are in each country? You’re in luck! Travel Vlog IV follows Ivana through her travels in Asia and Europe where she puts special focus on delicious food. Warning though, you will be drooling over these food vlogs that are a feast for the eyes and will definitely whet your appetite for travel.


Wolter’s World - https://www.youtube.com/user/woltersworld



Wolter’s World encompases a massive list of destinations from the US to South America to Europe and more. Wolter and his family use their frequent travels to help others learn useful information. These hacks often include what not to do, shocking knowledge, how to travel with kids, and other advice. 




If you are looking for something a bit different however, specifically vlogs that offer the most detail about a country or even a specific city, expat vlogs are the best bet for you. Beyond the Rick Steves or Samantha Brown-type videos, you will find vlogs by local expats highlighting the history, culture, and unique landmarks that their chosen region can offer.

Expats are foreigners who have rooted their lives in a distant land. Their emigration leads to videos full of passionate testimonials and beautiful imagery. These are the vlogs to visit when you have a destination in mind and want to see the country through the eyes of an outsider who can point to all the unexpected surprises of your given locale, while simultaneously being well experienced with traveling the place and discovering what it has to offer.  

These immersive vlogs show you real life in the country you want to visit, which is a great way to learn about the culture, give you helpful travel tips and tricks only a local would know, and remove the fear of the unknown.

They are also great for advice if you want to move abroad since they have done it themselves.

Here are a handful of fun region-specific vlogs we have enjoyed and we hope you do too.


Kinetic Kennons - Mexico - https://www.youtube.com/user/gjk0020



The Kinetic Kennons’ love of Mexico is evident in every video they make. While exploring major Mexican cities and little known towns they provide their audience with stunning picturesque views throughout Mexico. This energetic couple will lure you to Mexico with videos on sunny beach life, mouth watering food, and an ease of comfort they found across the border.

Unfortunately, the Kennons have decided to stop filming new vlogs, but three years worth of fun and inspiring videos are still up on their channel. We highly recommend you go watch them!


Sunny London - England - https://www.youtube.com/user/SunnyInLondonFun 



Based in London, Sunny gives great insight into the capital city of England. If you are planning a visit her videos will walk you through places you can visit for free, foodie tips, and the major differences between the US and the UK. 


Jay Swanson - France - https://www.youtube.com/user/Cadelfwch 



If you have ever wondered what everyday life in Paris, France would be like, wonder no more. Jay Swanson films a vlog a day while living in Paris and he takes you along to all of his life’s adventures. From simple tasks like how to use the metro and how to order in a Parisian cafe to exploring each Arrondissement and day trips to various parts of France. Some vlogs are virtual vacations from home, but Jay’s vlog is far beyond a vacation. It’s life. 


Currently Hannah - Japan - https://www.youtube.com/user/xxlilangelxx1 



While Hannah’s channel touches on a few different locations, it’s her videos of Japan that will leave you enthralled. Little hacks and personal experiences are shared throughout her stories but it is the breathtaking visuals, including some amazing drone shots, that set the scene for beautiful Japan. 


Jovie - Netherlands - https://www.youtube.com/c/JoviesHome 



Check out Jovie’s Homeland series to get a taste of exploring the Netherlands, but most of her videos offer a different perspective than the others. The majority of Jovie’s vlogs are based out of her home and provide knowledgeable advice to those looking to stay a while. Extremely helpful if you plan to move to the Netherlands, or even if you are just planning an extended stay, her videos will teach you about culture shocking differences and all the reasons she loves the Netherlands.


Let’s be honest though, Youtube is a rabbit hole you could easily fall down and binge watch all things travel. These are just some of our personal favorites. But you are really spoiled for choice, so have fun exploring the world through video and perhaps planning a trip for when it’s safe to travel.

And if you have a great travel vlog to recommend, feel free to mention it in a comment below.