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Staycation Products

We’re stuck at home and it won’t be ending for a while.

This means, one thing. It’s time to embrace the staycation and we have the best products to make your staycation a little more tolerable.

But I’ll be honest, I don’t actually want staycation products. Who wants to waste money on products you’re only going to use once? I’m far too cheap for that.

So really, this is a list of awesome dual purpose travel products - because someday we’re totally going to get back to vacationing outside of our house. But these items also have the purpose of making your stay at home a lot more fun and relaxing.

Multipurpose items that work for both staycations and future vacations, you ask? Yep!

Let’s jump right in to the list:

Eye Mask - Great for your staycation and your future travels, this mask will soothe headaches away and reduce puffy eyes while you get a good night's sleep. The mask can be chilled in the freezer to add a brisk and rejuvenating spa-like quality. Get one to ease tension when at home or on a plane.

Boho Style Cover-up - The sheer cover-up is perfectly suited to mixing and matching with either a bathing suit at the beach or a casual summer outfit. This caftan comes in dozens of styles and colors to fit your aesthetic. Add a flare of fashion to your staycation. 

Outdoor Blanket - You might not be able to go very far during this time but your backyard may be your perfect oasis. With this outdoor blanket you can picnic at home for a fun family activity or a romantic evening, and when going out once again becomes possible, you can take this blanket to the beach, a concert, or the park.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - For backyard poolside, dancing in the rain, camping, and eventual beach going, this speaker will give you crisp clear music no matter what kind of abuse you put it through. Durable, portable, and notably waterproof, this speaker is fit to travel alongside you to all your adventures. It’s also great for keeping you entertained at home.

Planner - Whether you are meal planning or vacation planning, this planner will keep you plenty organized. With both a monthly calendar and a spacious weekly “To Do” section, you can schedule future events as easily as you can add detailed notes for upcoming days. 


Cute PJs - These adorable pajamas work great for lounging at home during lockdown, but they are equally perfect for packing up small and traveling once that becomes feasible again. As the forlorn panda bear laments, “maybe soon”.

Audible - Books give us adventures in escapism. This is more important than ever now that leaving the house has become particularly challenging. But a good book is a good book, whether you are curled up on your couch or flying at 30,000 feet in the air to some new destination, so you can be sure your investment in Audible will still hold merit once you are back to traveling too. 

Non-Slip Yoga Socks - If you enjoy having dynamic yoga workouts in various tranquil and inspiring locations, but are annoyed with the need of a yoga mat or slipping and sliding on smooth floors at home or abroad, then these socks are the ideal solution. They are also small enough to pack, making them suitable for taking them along for future trips. At home or on-the-go, these socks will help add some fun and functionality to your relaxing yoga workout.  

Hammock - Rest and relaxation, that’s all we really want during these difficult times. So string up a hammock in your yard, sway with the wind, and pretend you are doing it from the beach in Hawaii or a campsite in a national park. Hopefully your dreams of peaceful hammock vacations aren’t all that far away. 

Portable White Noise Sleep Machine - Ease those stressful night time thoughts away with soothing sounds. This battery-powered machine easily fits in the palm of your hand, making it eminently packable. But for at home use this device has some wonderful attributes as well, including a headphone jack that allows you to listen to the sounds that most appeal to you without disturbing your partner. 

If you try out any of the products that we have suggested, please let us know in the comments how much you enjoyed them. And if you have any staycation items that you couldn’t do without, do share your recommendations below. We’d love to hear from you!



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